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Sofia Ricci Cassiers

Welcome to your list!

For the moment it is still empty ... So now:

1) Go to your options to
  • Fill in your banking informations (to receive the money on your own bank account)
  • Manage colors, title, address (e.g. https://o-liste.net/my-custom-url),
  • Edit the welcome text (the very one you're reading)
2) Fill in your list
  • Click on "Add gift" to add what ever could make you happy (custom gifts or gift from the catalog),
  • Test your list with some participation tests, and if you are satisfied by O-liste, upgrade your list and enjoy it!
Soon, your friends and family will love your list so much that they will want to participate in lots of gifts. smile .

In the meantime, do not hesitate to like our facebook page  and, if you have any questions contact us!

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Bankgegevens worden je bezorgd als je aan een geschenk bijdraagt, maar zijn ook hieronder terug te vinden.
  • Begunstigden: Ricci Cassiers
  • IBAN: BE35651161333537
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